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What it means to be a partner? 

Whether you are a Prep Coach, Posing Coach, or a small local bodybuilding gym, we would like to put you on the map! 


As a coach, I'm sure you can agree that an athletes' gym environment and the professionals they chose matters; when I started bodybuilding, I tried five gyms before finding the right place! 


Our goal at The Physique Athlete is to create a global cohort of pre-vetted qualified professionals, for the novice, still novice, and as well as seasoned athletes, who are looking for a new and engaging coaching experience. 


Now let's talk about partner community benefits?

Brand Awareness & Recognition

We help athletes find you! As we expand and grow your brand will get more exposure.



Access to other like-minded professionals to share best practices and learning.


Here are a few requirements to ensure our athlete's success.

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