For twelve years, I have worked in the fitness industry in some capacity. I have coached competitive athletes as young as six and collegiate athletes on the soccer field. I have been a fitness instructor in a studio and I have used my solid understanding of human anatomy and physiology and extensive experience in the weight room to train adults seeking to shape a better physique.  As a lifetime athlete, from ballet lessons beginning at 4 years old; I have been involved in some sort of movement ever since, including rowing, soccer and cycling. 


One day, bodybuilding called.  


As an athlete, I did what most people do. I searched the Internet in an attempt to consume every bit of information I could find about Bodybuilding. However, my search often yielded the same information; information that fell into one of three categories. The first category, short, and I mean short, out-of-date articles that really focused only on the day of the competition, winning medals and the infamous post-show donuts. Second, an oversaturation of pictures captioned, ‘this is the only glute workout you will ever need forever.’  Third, an overabundance of meal prep containers that lay out on a strangers’ marble kitchen counter. Again, pictures. 


None of the information in these three categories actually taught me or answered the real questions. Real questions like: How do I pick a competition Prep coach? How much money should I expect to invest in a 16-week Prep? What is the purpose of posing? What are comparison rounds? Why are the athletes switching places? 


I could not find information in one place about how to mentally and financially prepare for a competition, let alone the criteria on which I would be judged! I realized immediately that bodybuilding is a completely different animal. 


Competing on the bodybuilding stage is not the typical reducing calories a little bit, doing a few extra cardio sessions, having a great bowel movement to shed a few pounds and then hopping on stage to show off my cute little stuff.


I was an athlete and a coach who needed a coach and fast!

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