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From Ballet lessons beginning at four, I’ve been involved in athletics ever since including rowing, soccer and bodybuilding. 


One day, bodybuilding called. 


As an athlete, now looking for information about being first-time bodybuilding competitor, I did what most people do. I searched the Internet in an attempt to consume every bit of information I could find about the competitive stage. However, my search often yielded the same information; information that fell into one of three categories.


The first, short, very short articles that focused mainly on the day of the competition, wining medals and the infamous post-show donuts. 

Second, an oversaturation of pictures captioned, ‘this is the only glute workout you will ever need forever.’


Third, an oversaturation of pictures of meal prep containers that lay out on a strangers’ kitchen counter. Again, pictures. 


None of the information in these categories taught me or answered the real questions. Real questions like: How do I pick a competition Prep coach? How much money should I expect to invest in this sport? What is the purpose of posing? What exactly are comparison rounds? Why do athletes raise a hand before switching places? Why are they switching places to begin with?


I could not find information in one place about how to socially, mentally and financially prepare for a 16-week Prep, let alone the criteria on which I would be judged! Getting to the competitive stage requires both brawn – lifting the weights – and brains – the intelligence to know to achieve sass and class you have to do your research. 

And so, my two loves, history and bodybuilding present to you Sixteen Weeks: The Physique Athletes Guide to a Perfect Prep your official study guide.

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