Book Reviews

“Want to compete? This is a MUST READ! As a pro competitor, starting out this book would have been my Bible. Coaches are essential and help tremendously! Sometimes they can accidentally overlook something critical in the process assuming the competitor should know or already does. That is why this book was made! With the amount of things to think about and remember, it is next to impossible to absorb it all. I highly encourage anyone thinking about doing a show whether new or seasoned competitor to buy this book. It is guaranteed you will get outstanding value from the book no matter what your experience level is. Job well done with no detail left out.” 


Matt Storm, GBO Pro Men’s Beach Body Athlete, GBO Certified Judge, GBO Arizona/California State Director/Storm Classic/Global Open/Global Invitational Promoter


If competing in bodybuilding is on your bucket list, you need to read this book first.  Providing perspective from "behind the glitter & tan" as a competitor herself, Rian captures the journey of competition prep from beginning to completion with clarity, humor, and honest advice.  In my role as a competition coach, I frequently encounter athletes who are ill-prepared for navigating the complexities of competition prep, leading to a negative overall experience.  Competing should be an amazing experience of growth and self-confidence!  Candid, thoughtful and heartfelt, this book provides helpful guidance, tips, and encouragement to readers who are considering taking the stage.   


-Melanie Daly ~ PNBA Pro Figure, NFF & GBO Pro Women's Physique, Founder/Lead Coach of Bodyworx Fit: Be Well * Be Fit * Be Fierce

I can attest from hours of research, as well as my own experience in competing that this statement is absolutely true (on the chapter Shows Are Won from the Back).  Every competitor on stage will have a nice set of abs, a great chest, and nice quads, but the competitors who bring a well-developed backside are the ones who separate themselves from the rest and typically bring home the win! 


-Mike Lipsey, GBO Pro Men’s Beach Body, Owner Iron Freak Fitness