Men’s Competition Grooming

We are excited to offer Men’s Competition Grooming Services!
Please download the Booksy App and search The Physique Athlete.
All services are prepaid at booking through the Booksy App.


  • The Alpha Male - VIP Service $100

    • Haircut, Beard Trim, 2 Hot Towels, Mini Facial, Color Enhancement

  • Hot Towel Shave ~ $80

  • Haircut, only* ~ $75

  • Beard Detail, only* ~ $50

  • Edge Up, HAIR* ~ $40

  • Edge Up, BEARD* ~ $40

  • Edge Up, BRAIDS or LOCS* ~ $40

  • Color Enhancement, only ~ $50

    • This is a 20-minute color enhancement on an already finished product. You have already visited your normal barber but need to add that polished Show Day look.

*Includes color enhancement. Touch ups available backstage at venue!

Show up with clean and dry hair (NO pomades, creams, gels, oils, wave creams, beard
oils, etc).
Please wear a long sleeve shirt.

Can’t wait to get my hands on you,

Rian Andrea
Master Barber