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A Coach is an objective eye. The fact of the matter is, you see yourself every day, therefore, it can be difficult the small bits of progress you are making! A Coach can say to you I see your progress even though you don’t see it yourself.

The Physique Athlete's coaching partners:


Isaac has been a trainer since 2016 and a master trainer since 2018, and coaches both competition and lifestyle clients. Since 2019 Isaac has coached 22 athletes to natural pro status. As an athlete Isaac has competed in 13 shows since 2019 (5 amateur & 8 Pro) with 2 overall amateur wins and 5 professional top 5 placements. Currently in addition to coaching Isaac is venturing into bodybuilding show promotion & charity work with TNEC promotions and TNECares.

Melanie Daly, MA, FDN-P, CPT, PN L2, HZ L3 is Founder of Bodyworx Fit - a holistic nutrition and fitness coaching company dedicated to empowering people of all ages to live fit & healthy lives by providing information, guidance and individualized coaching. Bodyworx Fit embodies three stages of work, dependent upon the individual needs of each client – BE WELL Vibrant Health, BE FIT Transformation, and BE FIERCE Competition Coaching. A firm believer in ‘walking her talk’ when it comes to living a fit & healthy lifestyle, Melanie is also a Professional Natural Bodybuilding competitor, achieving Pro titles in three separate natural bodybuilding organizations over the last ten years, and continuing to compete in the Pro divisions now, well into her fifth decade around the sun.