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About The Author


I launched The Physique Athlete in 2020 with the goal of creating an information hub for first-time competitors that delivers credible tools and vetted resources in one place. 

About The Book

So you’ve decided you want to step on the competitive stage. Perfect! But what happens between now and your awards ceremony with donuts? Oh, that! - not the chicken and rice, not the training split, not the macronutrient ratios, not which rep range you should be working in for optimal muscle growth – but- Where do I start? Do I need a even need a Coach? Which organization should I pick to compete in first? How do I master the quarter turn footwork? Which Division am I training my body for? What can I do now to start practicing my sass and class? How do I behave professionally during tanning, gluing and glazing? I have kids, should I bring them? 


The Physique Athlete’s got you completely covered! 

Sixteen Weeks is your official study guide.


Book Excerpts

Chapter 9

Should I Bring My Kids?

I love seeing children at bodybuilding shows. It is an empowering environment, especially for kids who are old enough to understand how your behavior, eating style, personality and energy level fluctuated during the months of your Prep. It’s beneficial for them to see the financial reward. Most kids will never get a glimpse of their parents at a more powerful moment; standing on stage, with all of the lights pointed at you, and they get to cheer for you. It doesn’t’ get any better than that! – 

Chapter 11

Chapter 9

The Right Suit are becoming much more scrupulous about how much or how little coverage is allowed. Don’t mess around with this. Every show has an athlete check-in, and one of your check-ins could very well be a stop at the judge’s table for suit inspection. They are checking for coverage. Don’t gamble! Remember reading the chapter It’s Expensive! 

Chapter 18

Sass and Class

Perfect practice lends itself to confidence and confidence lends itself to having a little sass and class! You will need it while you are performing your mandatory poses during comparison rounds. I have seen many athletes try to sass and class it before even mastering the quarter turn pivot. Do not skip steps. First, master the pivot. Your feet should be twitching at all times. You should be able to pivot in your sleep, on Zoom calls, and when you see your reflection in the grocery store window. Anywhere and anytime is the perfect time and place to practice the quarter turn pivot. 

Chapter 24

Show Day: Order of Events, Backstage, Pumping Up and Your Sugary Snack

Show day is your party! At your party, know this, anything that could possibly go wrong will. The show will not start on time. Your suit will lose a stone, your heel will break, a hairpiece will fall out, you will pee on your leg. Guys, your posing trunks will split up the rear seem or even worse the front. You will forget your posing trunks. You will leave your food at the hotel and the maid service has already come. The order of events has come and you’ve already pumped up and eaten your marshmallow….and still, Show Day is a party!  

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