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We provided this questionnaire for you to assess your own baseline knowledge of the industry. These questions give you a basic idea of the kinds of things a first-time competitor should have knowledge of before inquiring about a Coach and will be expected to execute during Prep.


If your answer is No to #5 - this is a critical step in the Do Your Research part of competitor development.  Go to a Show. This is step one. This step can easily be accomplished before contacting a Coach. During your initial consult, one of the first questions a Coach is going to ask you is, Have you been to a show? - You will be able to confidently answer, Yes! Once you submit your questionnaire, you will immediately receive a FREE download of Chapter 22, Pick the Right Coach from the Beginning. This chapter offers you a list of questions to ask your potential Coach – including the rationale for asking the question.

First-Time Competitor Questionnaire

Take our first-time competitor readiness Questionnaire!

1) I have a food scale at home.
2) I am currently weighing, measuring and/or tracking my food.
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