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As a Coach, when clients arrived to their initial consultation, they were typically overenthusiastic. About what you ask? The process. Clients who are desperately trying to put two and two together think: If I train my glutes in the gym really really hard, prep my meals, lay them out on the kitchen counter and take a picture, I should win a bodybuilding competition and get to eat donuts. 


Sitting across the table wearing both hats, that of coach and competitive athlete, I realized there is a major void in comprehensive reading material about the - what happens between the time you decide you want to compete and the awards ceremony? Oh, that! Yes, the process of getting to the stage – not the chicken and rice, not the training split, not which rep range you should be working in for optimal muscle growth – but - Which organization should I pick to compete? What is prejudging? What are mandatory poses? How do I pick the division I will compete in? What is peak week? How do I behave professionally during tanning, gluing and glazing process? Athletes meeting?


As an athlete, imagine being prepared with knowledge before you meet with your potential coach. What you need to know is all right here.  


Sixteen Weeks is your study guide.

As a coach or fitness professional, use Sixteen Weeks as a prerequisite for your new athletes; as a coach you already know, it is much easier coaching an athlete who, at minimum, comes to your initial consult with realistic expectations – you take it from there!

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