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Stop Battling Yourself

One evening, I was talking to a friend. She and I were talking about our normal things.

Whatever topic it was, she responded, “I keep battling myself.”

It wasn’t until the next day - sitting at the red light - it hit me. I wouldn’t want to fight me.

Let’s switch it up.

When you put the physicality to it, it doesn’t sound so good anymore, does it?

Would you really and truly physically fight yourself?

And then it hit me again, not only are words powerful – but the added layer, is this – when you say those words, what are you really saying.

Stop battling [you]rself. Listen to what you’re saying.

You are saying, “I am fighting me.”

I wouldn’t fight me because I don’t fight fair.


Remember that song from the mid 2000’s, “Hit that B!tC# Wit’ a Bottle.”

Well, I don’t know about you, but that’s me.

I’m grabbing the first bottle I see, breaking it off on the curb – not to start swinging - but slicing.

Next, I’m looking for a brick or a rock.

And by the way, I already had a pair of scissors on me to begin with.


Okay, okay, now let’s bring it down a notch.

Think about it.

When you talk about battling yourself – think about two wrestlers locked in grappling match. At the start of the match, when they first lock - neither wrestler is moving.

They have exact equal force upon one another. They are stuck in one position until, either of them makes a move or a referee comes and resets the match.

When you’re battling yourself – you are literally getting nowhere. You’re stuck. You have to keep resetting your match/starting over.

You fightin’ you. Stop for second and imagine that. Imagine you fighting yourself.

Even the imagination of it is ridiculous!!


I’m battling myself is a phrase we hear all the time. Putting the physicality to it changes things.

I have been sitting with the concept of not just what we say - we always say words have power. That’s all good and everything.

It’s not just what you say that has power – but also consider - what am I really saying when I say something.

Think about that the next time you go to say, I’m battling myself - put the physicality to it – say what you really mean – I’m fighting me.

The real question is this: Are you battling yourself or are you bullshitting yourself?

This one might be a challenge. Either way, you know how we do, pass it forward.

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