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Why I Stopped Journaling Every Day

Nope. I’m not crazy - I stopped journaling every day.

Well, yes of course, I believe there is a place for journaling.

Journaling so you don’t cuss people out? Yep.

Journaling so you can write out your hopes, dreams and visions? Yes.

Untangling complicated thoughts? Absolutely.

Do I strongly believe in the power of words and what you say. Yes.

I am an absolute believer in writing things down that must be fully manifested.

I like journaling, because, I don’t know about you, at times I will go back and read what I wrote a.) to see what I was going through and b.) to see if I did what I said I was going to do.


At this specific moment though, I’m addressing action steps that you are not taking, procrastination, business ideas, and things you know you need to be more aggressive about.

I’m talking about the long-term hopes, dreams and visions that you wrote down that now need short term action.

Let me make my simple case.

One day it hit me. While I was sitting in the chair “journaling” - what I was about to write - I should have been doing.

The time I was using to sit and journal - I could have been using the time to do what I was about to write!

Especially in my business. Like doing. Actually, doing.


After a few months of testing my own theory and not journaling this is what happened:

I was becoming more productive, and things started moving quicker. Scary quicker.

My to-list was getting done quicker. My to-do list turned into a To-Now List.

I needed to get-out-of-my-feelings actually and get to work.

I didn’t need to journal anymore.

I didn’t need to attend another seminar.

I didn’t need to listen to another message.

I didn’t need to read another self-help book.

I didn’t need to be doing any more “processing” or “reflecting.”

I needed to put the journal down - get off my ass - and start working.

So often, we as people, women especially, have so much doubt coupled with the constant messaging telling you – you aren’t good enough - or - wait a minute - or - it’s almost your moment.

I was hiding and running around making excuses in my journal.

How is it that I don’t have time to write a blog for my business or write another book – but I have 30 minutes in the morning to sit, journal and “sort through my feelings.”

I had to tell myself stop sorting through your fucking feelings and start working on what you’re supposed to be working on.

Guys don’t sit around “sorting through their feelings.” So, stop it.

Journaling was giving me an excuse – because after all, you’re supposed to be “journaling,” right?


I challenge my journaling folks out there.

What would your thoughts and ideas become if they didn’t have time to sit on paper?

Be balanced and find your rhythm with this one.

As always, forward to a friend.

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