Sixteen Weeks: 

The Physique Athletes Guide to a Perfect Prep

You have questions. As an athlete new to the sport of bodybuilding and considering stepping on stage, imagine being prepared with what you absolutely need to know before you commit! Your questions: How do I pick a competition Prep coach? How much of investment in time, money, mental and emotional energy is a 16-week Prep? I have kids, should I bring them? Which division is right for my body type? What are Mandatory Poses? What happens during Comparison Rounds? Show bag? I’ve heard of them, are Post Prep Blues real? Your questions, answered!

If competing in bodybuilding is on your bucket list, you need to read this book first.  Providing perspective from "behind the glitter & tan" as a competitor herself, Rian captures the journey of competition prep from beginning to completion with clarity, humor, and honest advice. 


-Melanie Daly ~ PNBA Pro Figure, NFF & GBO Pro Women's Physique

 Founder/Lead Coach of Bodyworx Fit: Be Well * Be Fit * Be Fierce

Rian Andrea

As a lifetime athlete, from ballet lessons beginning at 4 years old; Rian has been involved in some sort of movement ever since, including soccer, cycling, and bodybuilding. 

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Enhance Your Prep Experience Today. 

Sixteen Weeks: 

The Physique Athletes Guide to a Perfect Prep


This book is written for the thousands of athletes worldwide who dedicate themselves daily to the discipline, lifestyle, and craft of bodybuilding.

Sixteen Weeks: The Physique Athletes Guide to a Perfect Prep

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