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The first step to a perfect prep starts here.

The Physique Athlete is the voice of the first-time competitor.

The Physique Athlete helps you transition from an everyday gym athlete to award winning first-time competitor. We offer educational tools and guidance so you can prepare and execute a perfect prep.


We provide books, articles, and athlete interviews. The Physique Athlete is the world's only dedicated space specifically for first-time competitors.

Brand New Competitors

Do your research and start preparing now for your first competition prep. 


Take our first-time competitor readiness quiz. 


Afterwards, unlock the next step in on your journey: Chapter 27 - How to Pick the Right Coach from the Beginning.


As a first time competitor, you have questions:


  • What questions should I ask my potential competition Prep Coach? 

  • What kind of mental, emotional, physical and time investment is Prep?

  • How much money should I start saving right now for both Prep & Show Day?

  • How do I pick the right Organization to compete in?

  • Which Division is right for my physical structure? 

  • What items should I start collecting right now to pack in my Show Bag?

  • Post Prep Blues, are they real?

Sixteen Weeks is your official study guide.

Do your research.

Prepare yourself.

Execute a Perfect Prep.


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If competing in bodybuilding is on your bucket list, you need to read this book first.  Providing perspective from "behind the glitter & tan" as a competitor herself, Rian captures the journey of competition prep from beginning to completion with clarity, humor, and honest advice. 

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-Melanie Daly ~ PNBA Pro Figure, NFF & GBO Pro Women's Physique

 Founder/Lead Coach of Bodyworx Fit: Be Well * Be Fit * Be Fierce