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2021 NFF Texas Shredder

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

ICYMI: This past weekend, ‘round here in Central Texas, the bodybuilding season opened with NFF Texas Shredder!

Something amazing happened! You wanna know what show promoter Justin BoFlex Bohannon did?

I have been attending bodybuilding shows for years - like since I was 18 - five years in Central Texas/Southern states and I have never heard an MC/Show Promoter stop and ask the audience: “How many people have never been to bodybuilding show?”

An entire corner of the room raised their hands; at least 20 people. That simple questioned unlocked the tension in the room.

He proceeded to say, “Okay, we’re going to explain to the audience what you’re seeing?” From there Justin BoFlex Bohannon literally paused to explain each Division that stepped on stage including the differences between Novice, Open, Masters.

Why am I stopping to acknowledge this?

Because. We. Get. Caught. Up.

We, meaning, those who understand what we’re looking at, those who have ‘been in the industry for years’, those who have made it to the judges table, those who’ve done this before and this is the two hundred and tenth show they’ve been too and can clearly see what the judges are looking for.


And because we forget we continue to send the message to brand new audience members - who include family members who are trying their best to understand and show support for “this” thing their person wants to do - because we forget we continue to send the message that glutes, leggings, and donuts are the only important things.

That’s what we keep showing them, so why would they think anything different.

I’ve heard industry veterans of all sorts vendors, promoters, fans make comments like, “if you aint seen it (meaning a half naked body I presume) by now, then I don’t know how to help you.”

  1. What if you haven’t seen it?

  2. What if you don’t know what you’re looking at?

  3. What if you are a true Novice?

  4. What do you mean certain body types fit better into certain Divisions (Men’s Physique, Classic Physique, Figure, etc.) than others?

Justin paused the entire show and took the time to educate his spectators - a whole half of a room who had never watched or attended a Bodybuilding show.

We all want our industry to grow - but in the process there’s a lot of talking at potential stars - because the truth of the matter you never know. Instead, educate.

Kudos to you Justin! Kudos to you for slowing down and taking the time to explain to the future competitors in the audience because there were at least 10 - I know because I talked to them - what they were seeing and what the “glitter, tan, and donuts” mean.

Salient Point: Educate.

Rian Andrea, NASM-CPT, Pn1

Athlete, Coach, Author, Fitness Blogger

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