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Sight & Vision: How Tupperware & an Organized Refrigerator Can Be Powerful Tools

Would you not agree that in order to achieve long term success at most any endeavor, you must be able to see the small steps on the path to the greater vision.

What’s the saying, if you can see it, you can be it.

You must have a vision, yes, but the baby steps to get there in many cases is what you see immediately in front of you.


Okay so, how does this apply to physical fitness?

How does my brand-new Maytag refrigerator, Tupperware and shedding these extra pounds all work together?

Here’s how: Seeing your food - clean and clear - looks more appealing, you’ll eat it and you’re more likely to stay on track.

It’s that simple, being able to see.

Well, let’s get into it – step by step.


Step 1: Clean Out Your Refrigerator.

Clean out the junk. Grab a washcloth. Wipe it down. Clean the drawers.

Get rid of the condiments that are stuck to the door.

Let the refrigerator dry out and go buy a box of Arm & Hammer.

I don’t know about you, but when I open the refrigerator and see a 2-day old half eaten cheese sandwich that looks like it’s been in a 6-year-olds lunchbox the entire summer –

That does not look appetizing.

Now all the sudden, from that point on, nor does anything else in the refrigerator.

You must be able to see your options - clean and clear. This is crucial to your success while reshaping your body.

Step 2: Move the Shelves.

What I eat most of occupies the most space in my refrigerator.

That shelf is strategically placed right at eye level.

When I open my refrigerator, the first thing I see is a plastic tub of greens on the left and clean, clear, glass containers with a variety of protein on the right.

It’s that simple.

Being able to see exactly which foods are available to me, gives me permission.

It says to me, this is what you are allowed to have.

And instead of boundaries feeling like a punishment, it develops and strengthens my confidence to make the right choice - the next time - and the next.

If every time you open the refrigerator, it feels like a safari - having to hunt down this container and that container from 4-days ago that got pushed to the back into the abyss and is now frozen over.

I don’t know about you - but – I only have about 3 seconds in me to get it right.

Now every second after that preparing a nutrient dense meal seems a lot less interesting.

Trust me, in my day, I have grabbed a bag of whateverness and just ate it!


Let’s advance a step.

We already know our protein and vegetables occupy the most space, the second largest space is for either your Carbohydrates or Fats. Not both.

I say either because - I don’t have any data on you and cannot give you a meal plan or even a suggestion - sight unseen.

What I’m sharing is Nutrition 101.

Neatly organize your breads, your frozen vegetables. Take care in how you lay out your refrigerator. Use it as a tool.

What’s the point? The organization of your refrigerator should reflect your overall diet.

Move your shelves and set yourself up for success.

Step 3: Get Your Food Storage Game Airtight

How you store your food matters, too.

I highly recommend glass; any brand will do.

Glass containers store food longer and typically do not hold smells.

Take it a step further – stackable and glass, even better.

If the food isn’t stored properly, it won’t be appetizing. It will have zero shelf life. It’ll look gross. You won’t eat it and you might as well – take your grocery money and put in the trash.

Remember. Sight.

Step 4: Buy Storage Containers for YOU.

At the time I started bodybuilding I was single - just me and the dog.

I had the entire refrigerator to myself, the whole pantry and all the cabinets.

Just. for. me!

I couldn’t imagine having an entire family sharing a refrigerator – let alone an unsupportive spouse.

Different meals, different mealtimes, sticky fruit snacks, random chicken nuggets and half eaten applesauce.

Vying for space in the refrigerator sounds silly – I’ll admit – it really does - it’s such a small thing.

But somehow, when other folks get involved – I always end up seeing strawberry frosted Poptarts in my sight line! Always. And those darn Goldish!

When you are first starting out – get your own Tupperware, preferably your favorite color! Announce to your family that these belong to you.

Clear a section of the refrigerator and claim it as your own.

Make it clear - and let it be known - that if you see food in a Tupperware with a pink top – it is mine and you will lose limb, and possibly life if you eat it.

It has to be that serious to you.


All of this to say -You must be able to see what you are doing in the short term to achieve your long-term vison of you.

Weigh the food. Eat the food. Lift the weights. As always, forward this to a friend.

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