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What is Training Intensity: How Do I Know When I’m Doing It Right?

One of the most common questions I receive from new bodybuilders is, How do I know when I am doing it right?

Doing “it” right refers to level of intensity. Intensity! My favorite!

Before we carry on, take a look at the scale below.

This scale can be applied to both cardio and weights.

Intensity Scale

Level 1 = Warm up or slow pace, heart rate doesn’t increase much.

Level 2 = Moderate, starts to increase heart rate.

Level 3 = Medium-High, moderate burn, breathing a little heavier!

Level 4 = High, definitely harder to breathe, oh yeah, it’s burnin’!!

Level 5 = As hard as you can go and sustain based on current level of conditioning.

Simply not knowing how hard to push themselves is the most common mistake women make during their workouts.

Even now in the twenty first century, there is some kind of lore floating around out there that if you grunt in the gym while doing your cardio or weightlifting, you’ll turn into a man. Laughing out loud.

Better yet, depending on which gym you go to, if you grunt, you’ll be escorted to the door! Again, laughing out loud.

The level of intensity or effort for each set of exercises, whatever the exercises may be, should be enough that you cannot carry on a conversation because it requires your full attention.

If you can look over and chat with your girls while you are doing your cardio you’re not pushing yourself hard enough. If the weight doesn’t scare you a little bit when you pick it up, it’s not heavy enough.

Remember this, you put in the work, you reap the rewards!

So, let’s go ahead and clear this up right now: A little grunting equals100% intensity!

Get some.

Ladies, lets do this.

Weight the food. Eat the food. Lift the weights. Forward to a friend.

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